Test Plan

Test No.Test PlanProof
1.Players will be able to move with WASD

2.Players will be able to fire the weapon using left click

3.Hitting a mob with the missiles will damage there health/kill them

4.Users will be prompted with a mathematical equation which will need solving to open the loot bag 

5.Entering the incorrect answer will destroy the bagCurrently not working, in development
6.Entering null or erroneous error will display an error.Currently not working, in development
7.Entering the correct data will show the contents of the bag.Currently not working, in development
8.Players health will auto regenerate slowly over timeCurrently not working, in development
9.Players can use health potions which will regenerate their healthCurrently not working, in development
10.players will level up when the collect experience points

By James Harrison, 14 June, 2018, 15:15