Game Maker update

I have progressed quite a lot in my game. I am yet to implement the educational aspect but the basic functionality is there.

What I have added so far

  1. Random spawning mobs
  2. Ability for player to damage and kill mobs
  3. Mobs will respond by following player and attacking
  4. Players health GUI will change depending on their health at the moment a dead player closes the game.
  5. Mobs will drop 1-3 coins for a player to pickup. 
  6. A visible player coin counter is on the bottom left.

What i need to do

  1. Add a loot system to get items from enemies which will integrate the educational aspect.
  2. make level icon more appealing
  3. improve combat slightly
  4. add random terrain generation, such as water and crap.

By James Harrison, 21 May, 2018, 16:11